Gospel of Mark: Following the King (Page 2)

It’s easy to be discouraged in a day where it seems society is going backwards, the world sneers at Christians and even civil government is against believers. Where is the church to turn for help and encouragement?

Mark’s gospel is written to believers living in difficult times, surrounded by the pagan Roman empire with their political and military might on full display. These first Christians know the feeling of weakness and helplessness too.

Mark’s message to them and to us is to look to Jesus Christ, the all conquering King. He is greater than all earthly powers and has come to establish a better Kingdom than all other that have come before.

Jesus will triumph over enemies such as sickness, spiritual forces and even death itself. Mark shows us that King Jesus is worth following.

Jesus eats with sinners (Mark2:13-17)

If you could invite three famous guests for dinner, who would they be? Why would you invite them over others? In this passage, Jesus has a meal with tax collectors and sinners and confuses the scribes and Pharisees who watch on. Why does Jesus eat with the rejected and despised in society? What does it…

Jesus cleanses a leper (Mark1:40-45)

Leprosy is an awful skin condition but the worst effect is not physical. The contagious nature of leprosy required isolation, banishment from community resulting in social exclusion and loneliness. Jesus’ interaction with this leper reminds us that we are never alone and he is prepared to deal with sin, which is the ultimate cause of…