Sermons on 1Peter

#2 Gospel and Government (Rom13, 1Pet2)

Depending on our personal experiences, we may have an overly positive or negative view of governments and civil authorities. But what does the Bible teach about the role of government, their purpose and our relationship with them? In this topical study, we’ll see that governments are appointed by God, for our good, and that submission is the general posture for believers. But…

A privileged people (1Pet2:9-10)

Visiting preacher Andrew Courtis reminded us that God’s people have a unique identity and purpose, in contrast with the world. We are a privileged people with a great responsibility to proclaim the excellencies of Christ. This was a fitting reminder at the church’s 120th Anniversary having been established on 30th May 1901 by 15 founding members. Praise God for His faithfulness.