Sermons by Michael Prodigalidad (Page 3)

David vs Goliath (1Sam17)

Everyone loves a battle where the underdog beats the bully. It can be inspiring and motivating to hear that if we believe enough, we can do it – we can become a hero. But this famous battle causes us to re evaluate who we are in the story. There’s only room for one hero. Can…

#3 Gospel overcomes differences (Rom14)

We all have preferences and personal convictions on many matters. For example, how should we educate children, what food or drink can we consume, or what is acceptable entertainment? Then covid came and stress tested our relationships when it comes to views on masks, vaccines and government response. How does the gospel overcome differences on secondary matters? Sermon#3 of 4 part series

#2 Gospel and Government (Rom13, 1Pet2)

Depending on our personal experiences, we may have an overly positive or negative view of governments and civil authorities. But what does the Bible teach about the role of government, their purpose and our relationship with them? In this topical study, we’ll see that governments are appointed by God, for our good, and that submission is the general posture for believers. But…